Automatic Fish Feeder Details:

Company: BA Products, US
Category: Fish pond and lake

BA Automatic Fish Feeder:

Automatic Fish Feeder: ADF-75D

Automatic Fish Feeder: ADF-75D

Features of BA Automatic Fish Feeder:

1. Holds 75 lbs of floating fish food
2. Holds 112 lbs of Sinking fish food
3. Holds 112 lbs of Corn capacity
4. New state-of-the-art digital electronics with battery charge indicator and motor speed control
5. Patent pending 2-motor design (throws feed further)
6. Varmint and Weatherproof
7. Digital Timer, Rechargeable 12V battery charger, Solar Panel, and Adjustable Foot Pad Kit Included
8. Built-in sight glass (monitor feed levels)
9. This automatic fish feeder can feed fish up to 8 times per day
10. This automatic fish feeder has a manufacturer warranty of 4 years from the date of purchase

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