In recent decades, people have been increasingly showing interest in keeping aquatic life, especially different types of fish in their homes. But there are few people who keep fish in a pond like structure outside of their homes. They like to watch their fish in natural background which is serene and wonderful.

Building up and maintaining a fish pond is not as easy as in the case of an aquarium. In building and maintaining a pond, things such as location, the size, the fish species, and the equipments come into consideration. In addition, basic knowledge about the fish species as well as the pond itself is also a pre-requisite.

When we talk about equipments for a fish pond, very essential equipments like filtration systems, water testing kits, pumps, UV sterilizers, pond aerators, and skimmers are must. These equipments aid in maintaining the fish pond in good condition. Now one such excellent equipment has been added to this league. It is known as automatic fish food dispenser or automatic fish feeder.

As the name suggests, an automatic fish food dispenser automatically supplies the proper amount of food, at the specified time to fish. Some of the automatic fish food dispenser work on battery power while others work on electrical power. They can be found in different sizes and styles. The automatic fish food dispenser for a fish pond is different from that of aquarium. The main difference is the size of hopper or container. The size of a hopper is big in an automatic fish food dispenser used for fish pond.

In fact, automatic fish food dispenser is very much recommended to commercial fish pond keepers since they run through busy schedule every day. They can preset the quantity of food at certain spaces. In addition, they can adjust the feed flow also. There is also a provision of providing specific type of food at certain time for the fish. For the commercial fish pond keepers, the automatic fish food dispenser which run on electric power are more suitable.

Some of automatic fish food dispenser can protect the food from wetness and keep them warm so the food cannot get clumped. Hence all these features enable the automatic fish food dispenser to make sure that no fish remain hungry or overfed. Since the demand for automatic fish food dispenser is on rise, the manufacturers are looking for advanced techniques which will make the automatic fish food dispenser more efficient.