Automatic Fish Feeder Details:

Company: Ani Mate Inc, US
Category: fish pond and larger aquariums

Ani Mate Automatic Fish Feeder:

Automatic Fish Feeder: Fish Mate P21


Features of Fish Mate P21 Pond Automatic Fish Feeder:

1. Reliable and accurate quartz timer
2. Over 1 year’s continuous use from 1 x AA / LR6 battery
3. Battery condition indicator
4. Feeds approximately 21 daily meals while you are away
5. Food served over several hours – keeps fish active and reduces danger of overfeeding
6. Adjustable feed quantity and timing for all fish foods
7. This automatic fish feeder is easily suited to all ponds and large aquariums
8. Fully weatherproofed
9. This automatic fish feeder can be pole-mounted at water’s edge or suspended over the water

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