Automatic Fish Feeder Details:

Company: Hydor USA Inc., US
Category: Aquarium

Hydor Automatic Fish Feeder:

Automatic Fish Feeder: EKOMIXO - Battery-Operated w/ Air Connection


Features of Hydor Automatic Fish Feeder:

1. This automatic fish feeder is suitable for marine, tropical aquariums & terrariums
2. Unique mixing system to avoid risk of food clodding
3. One touch setting
4. This automatic fish feeder had an adjustable food container
5. 3 different feeding programs
6. Works with flake, pellet, and tablet food
7. Selected program indicated by colored lead light
8. Flashing signal of lead lights when battery change is needed
9. Anti-drip design prevents humidity infiltration keeping food fresh and crisp
10. See-through food container for better control of quantity
11. Connects to an air-pump to ventilate food to prevent clumping
12. Sufficient for about 30 days
13. 5.5″2 food capacity
14. This automatic fish feeder has a 2-year manufacturer warranty from date of purchase

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