Automatic Fish Feeder Details:

Company: Lifegard Aquatics, US
Category: Aquarium

Lifegard Automatic Fish Feeder:

Automatic Fish Feeder: Lifegard


Features of Lifegard Automatic Fish Feeder:

1. A silent, reliable 115v, 2.7 watt, UL listed electric motor
2. 5.5′ power cord
3. Holds pellet or flake food
4. Dispenses dry medication
5. Feeds one to 4 times a day
6. This automatic fish feeder is perfect for vacations and daily maintenance
7. No batteries to fail or misplace
8. Hopper holds up to a 4 month supply of fish food
9. Will feed fish daily up to four months automatically
10. Attachment arms fit on all types and sizes of aquariums
11. This automatic fish feeder has one year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship

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