Automatic Fish Feeder Details:

Company: Moultrie Feeders, LLC, Alabaster, US
Category: Fish pond and lake

Moultrie Automatic Fish Feeder:

Automatic Fish Feeder: Moultrie FeedCaster

Automatic Fish Feeder: Moultrie FeedCaster

Automatic Fish Feeder: Moultrie FeedCaster

Automatic Fish Feeder: Moultrie FeedCaster

6 Volt Deluxe Solar Panel Battery:

Solar Panel Battery

Solar Panel Battery

Features of Moultrie 30 Gallon FeedCaster Automatic Fish Feeder:

1. Straight 35-ft casting distance
2. Digital timer, set to feed up to 6 different times a day
3. Customize feed dispense times between 1-20 seconds
4. Built-in funnel completely empties hopper leaving no waste or old feed
5. Powder coated 20 gauge galvanized metal hopper
6. Clear sight window on hopper shows how much feed is remaining in hopper
7. Metal door closes after each feeding to keep varmints from damaging feeder components
8. Solar panel port allows quick attachment of Moultrie solar panel accessory
9. Built-in battery level monitor lets you know the current status of your feeder battery
10. Feeder can be remotely triggered from up to 300 feet away with the Activator Remote Control
11. Includes one 6-volt 12-amp battery and charger
12. Includes Deluxe Solar Panel
13. Sturdy design for dock or lakeside

Charging and Installing Battery

1. Remove the battery from the automatic fish feeder.
2. Connect the provided battery charger’s black wire to the negative battery terminal (-) and red wire to the positive battery terminal (+).
3. Plug the battery charger into a 120VAC electrical outlet.
When the green light blinks on the charger, the battery is fully charged. A fully discharged battery may require up to 24 hours of charging.
Note: Do not leave the battery connected to the charger for more than 24 hours.

1. Place the 6V 12aH battery inside the provided battery sling.
2. Connect the black wire to the negative terminal (-) and the red wire to the positive terminal (+).
3. Lower battery into control box and close Lid.
If a low battery can be swapped with a fresh battery within 10 seconds, the clock and timer settings will be retained. If the battery cannot be swapped within 10 seconds, leave the battery disconnected for at least 60 seconds so that the system can reset properly.

Configuring and Testing Feeder
Your Pro Feeder will feed up to six times per day and has been factory set to feed at 7:00am and 6:00pm for four seconds. To change the factory settings or add additional feed times, follow the instructions below. The Battery Level is displayed every seven seconds. It is recommended that the battery be replaced when the % BATTERY reading is 25% or below.

Set Time of Day:
Press the UP or DOWN button until the correct time of day appears.
Press and release button to single-step through the minutes or hold down to advance quickly.
The feeder will not run while buttons are being pressed and waits 10 seconds from the last button press before it is activated. The feeder is activated when the display alternates between the CURRENT TIME and % BATTERY.

Set Feed Times:
Press the SET button until the correct timer number appears in the upper right hand corner.
Press the UP or DOWN button to set the feed time.

Set Run Duration:
1. Press the SET button again to set the RUN-TIME SECONDS which can range from zero to twenty seconds.
2. Adjust RUN-TIME SECONDS using the chart below.
3. Set the RUN-TIME SECONDS to zero to disable the specific timer.

Run Time (Sec.) 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20
Approx. Corn dispensed (lbs.) 2.5 2.7 2.9 3.1 3.3 3.4 3.6 3.8 4.0
Approx. Fish Food dispensed (lbs.) 1.9 2.2 2.5 2.7 3.0 3.3 3.6 3.8 4.1

Test Feeder:
Press and hold the SET button while the RUN-TIME SECONDS are displayed.
Release the button and get away from the automatic fish feeder when the message “TESTING GET AWAY” appears on the display.

Enable/Disable Remote:
Disabling the Wireless Remote Control feature will increase battery life. “RF ON” indicates that the Wireless Remote Control feature is on. To toggle between remote control On and Off, simultaneously press and hold the SET and DOWN buttons while monitoring the display.

Enable/Disable Door:
The feed door could freeze shut under extreme weather conditions. To lock the door in an open position, but allow the feeder to operate as normal, the door may be disabled. To toggle between Door Enable and Disable in the automatic fish feeder, simultaneously press and hold the SET and UP buttons.