Automatic Fish Feeder Details:

Company: Planet Rena, US
Category: Aquarium

Rena Automatic Fish Feeder:

Automatic Fish Feeder: Rena LG100 Digital

Features of Rena LG100 Digital Automatic Fish Feeder:

1. Large capacity automatic aquarium fish feeder
2. Built-in heating unit prevents clumping and spoiling of fish food
3. Dispenses all types of dry fish food – up to 8 times a day
4. Rena LG100
5. Holds 3.5oz (100g) food
6. This automatic fish feeder has a Light Sensor
7. Low Voltage Power

Installation guide:

Fitting and Installing:
The automatic feeder must be installed so that it cannot fall into the aquarium. There are 3 fitting possibilities (all included in box). They are:

1. Adhesive strips method for permanent positioning.
2. Removable strip method makes it possible to fit the feeder only when needed and to remove it after wards.
3. Fitting bracket method fits the bracket to the rails of the feeder to fit the feeder onto the glass sides of the aquarium.

When you have chosen a fitting method, connect the transformer to the automatic fish feeder and connect the transformer to the power socket. The LED display flashes, the drum rotates until it reaches the correct initial position and 12/1 appears on the LED display.

1. First of all, close the drum using the valve.
2. Remove the drum from the case.
3. Remove the drum lid.
4. Fill 2/3 of the drum maximum.
5. Close the drum lid again and slide the whole unit onto the case.

Press the “clock” button to program the feeding interval. For instance, if you choose 12, the feed will be distributed every 12 hours from the time of programming.


Frequency of Feeding

12 Twice daily
24 Once daily
48 Once every two days
3 8 times daily
4 6 times daily
8 3 times daily

Press the “rotate” button to adjust the number of drum rotations for each feed. You can choose between 1 to 3 rotations. In addition, by using the adjustment valve, you can determine the volume of feed that falls at one rotation of the drum. You can feed manually at any time by using the “manual feed” button.

Light Sensor:
The red button controls the light sensor. If the button is not pressed the sensor is activated and no feed is distributed during the night. If the button is pressed, the sensor is deactivated and the feed is also distributed at night. This is how the light sensor in this automatic fish feeder works.

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