Automatic Fish Feeder Details:

Company: Teng Young International Corporation, Taiwan
Category: Fish pond and lake

Teng Young Automatic Fish Feeders:

Automatic Fish Feeder: TY-SF120

Automatic Fish Feeder: TY-SF180


Features of Teng Young Automatic Fish Feeder:

1. High air flow, far range and wide area
2. Energy saver, multi-bladed fan stable operating
3. Timer available
4. Stainless steel body, resists acid-alkalinity, weather proof
5. This automatic fish feeder can be used to feed any kind of fishes

Specification Chart:

Model HP Voltage Phase Discharge
Max Jetting Distance Max Efficiency
Weight Capacity Assembled
TY-SF120 1/2 100V-240V 1 Ø 2” 12M 10 M2 30kg 120kg 70×70×100
TY-SF180 1/2 100V-240V 1 Ø 2” 12M 10 M2 36kg 180kg 85×85×100