Fish farming has become a large, wide-spread business all over the globe today. It is because people are showing notable interest in keeping various kinds of fish in their homes. But the people who keep fish for fun and commercial purposes are facing few problems. One of those problems is feeding their fish properly.

The people are unable to feed their fish manually because of their busy daily life, age, disability and other problems. Hence, automatic fish food dispenser has been introduced. It supplies required amount of food at pre-set time to every fish in an aquarium. This equipment is being labeled as a boon to fish keepers.

You will find both advantages and disadvantages in an automatic fish food dispenser. The advantages and disadvantages are listed below. They are:

Advantages of Automatic Fish Food Dispenser:

1. Your fish will be fed properly. That is, it will not overfeed or underfeed your fish.
2. The food will not spoil aquarium water since this equipment releases food in little quantities at regular intervals.
3. You will be able to go to work or take vacation away from your home with peace of mind.
4. Every fish in your aquarium will get food since you can set different schedules for different species of fish.
5. Your fish will be saved from being fed with the harmful food by the kids and others.
6. You will not have to beg someone to take care of your fish.

Disadvantages of Automatic Fish Food Dispenser:

1. You will require spending some money initially depending on the type of fish feeder you require.
2. You may choose low-quality equipment because of confusion, since varieties of automatic fish food dispensers are out in market.
3. Your fish can be killed if mechanical malfunction occurs in the automatic fish food dispenser.
4. The beauty of your aquarium will be masked by this equipment if it is heavy in size.
5. The food will be clumped when some automatic fish food dispenser varieties let moisture in. this can lead to terrible out comings.

Though there are few disadvantages in having an automatic fish food dispenser, this equipment is still very handy for the fish keepers. Those few disadvantages can also be minimized by choosing the best automatic fish food dispenser.